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17 February 2010 @ 06:43 pm
art + updates  

Ugh, I feel like I've gotten nothing done lately

Actually, that's pretty accurate. I mean, I have comics to work on, and characters to design, and anatomy to practice, but I just never get around to things. And as much as I'm starting to appreciate traditional art, it makes me feel awful to not get anything done on the computer. I mean, I have an Intuos4, I should be using it more. Oh yeah, this is all about my dad's new ~*~awesome~*~ rule that states I only get an hour of computer time per day (including schoolwork omgwtf dad). It's not a punishment, and it's not like I was spending 19 hours a day on the computer a day or anything,  he just felt like it kdfjadlfj
But it's like I always have to choose between fandom or art and I really hate that decision ):
[/ok angst time is over yay]

I love sticky notes. Oh, and this is going to be a little story about ~*~the first time Paisly and Parsley met~*~.

I was downloading a fanmix the other day and thought how awesome it would be if I made a fanmix-type thing for Paisly/Parsley, so I did. It's mostly just cutesy Aquabats and I'm From Barcelona songs ("Red Sweater" is still the most romantic song ever. I mean, come on, "You're my girl/ I'm your man/ I don't care if we live in a garbage can"? BE STILL, MY HEART.") lmao if anyone wants it, just ask.

oh and I made a new Deviantart ID!

I have horrible handwriting, I know

OH OH guys I just remembered Matt Carney from The Soup (Matt the Intern!) retweeted my link to my The Soup fanposter.

I mean, yeah, you can't be entirely sure with Twitter, but w/e!! 

And this is how interesting my life is: one time, an advertisement here on LJ matched my icon, so I screenshotted it.

also: this is how I view the internet 90% of the time nowadays.
Anyways, I'm going to go color some comic strips now.
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