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17 November 2009 @ 07:25 pm
Yeah, once more with the bordering-on-never level of posting I've had going lately. School's insane this year, and right now I'm extremely behind on NaNoWriMo (it's a lovely story about a guy stuck in a typewriter).

But man, I really love Community. It's even got that new fandom smell. It's a little baby fandom; it's adorable. And that sentence is probably the closest I'll ever come to associating babies with good things. Anyways, I just love the whole cast so much. Except, maybe, Abed. I like him, but, I don't know. It's like he never has to improve himself or learn a lesson, which is something every other character is doing in spades. But he's still hilarious. Everyone's hilarious.

Anyways, Annie/Jeff is just woah everywhere. I like it, but I also like Britta/Jeff. I don't know, HIMYM has lately made me nervous to ship in a show. It's okay with BtVS for me because, hey, it's over. But with Community and HIMYM, I'm worried that if I spend too much time shipping I just don't appreciate the rest of the show. Which, I really didn't do with HIMYM until last season. I just kind of ignored Marshall and Lily, etc. I think at one point, I even claimed to hate Ted.

Yeah, I claimed to hate Ted. I was an awful person.

Anyways, yeah, that's why I'm kind of neutral on shipping at the moment. Well, except for BTVS. Man, I care for Xander way too much. I have a ridiculous amount of fanfic piling up on my harddrive, that's all just random rambles from his POV. He's just so fun to write I can't stop. Right now I've got this long fic going where Cordelia joins him on his road trip, and they go farther than Oxnard. She still hates his guts, though, no need to worry.

On another note, do you know how difficult it is to look up fanfiction for a show called "Community"? Ok, well, it's not that difficult, but it's more difficult than most shows.

In other news, The Planet Smashers are a great band. "Pee in the Elevator"? "Super Orgy Porno Party"? These guys are amazingggg Plus, Matt Collyer has an awesome face. I usually don't say weird sentences like that, but he just makes the craziest expressions ever. I'll be watching one of their videos and all I can think is "Crap where is my sketchbook I need to draw this guy's face".
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